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Camosun students celebrate mathematics with pie on Pi Day

Students at ̽ will be participating in a pie eating contest on the college’s Interurban campus to celebrate Pi Day.

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Often represented with the lower-case Greek letter π, Piis the mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, an irrational number equal to 3.14159 (and on and on it goes with an infinite number of decimal places without any repeating numbers).

People around the world recognize these unique numbers on March 14, the fourteenth day of the third month – that is 3/14 or the date closest to the rounded number of Pi.

“Math is everywhere in day-to-day life. Pi is much more than a unique number as it occurs in many areas of mathematics from circles to cryptography. Pi has captured the attention of people for millennia as they try to calculate it and further understand its significance.”

Dr. Patrick Montgomery, Chair of Mathematics & Statistics at ̽.

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