Career Lab Online Resources for Students and Alumni

The Career Lab has a variety of online career and employment resources can assist you in your job search.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Your resume is a marketing tool, with you as the product. Its purpose is to spark enough interest in the employer to get you an interview.

Job Interviews

But solid preparation beforehand will help you minimize your nervousness, and maximize your chances of landing the job.

Job Posting and Career Exploration Web Sites

A list of popular career search sites.

Labour Market Information

Labour market information and statistics can help you plan your career.

Networking and Information Interviews

Networking can be a rich source of job leads, referrals, and contacts.

Professional Associations

Joining a professional association can be a rich source of networking opportunities, job leads, referrals, and a great way to keep up with changes in the industry.

Self Assessments

Thoughtful self-assessment can streamline the steps of your job search.