Co-ops and Internships for Students

Co-op and Internship work terms formally and intentionally integrates a student’s academic studies within a workplace or practice setting.By participating in a work term you are joining a rapidly growing number of students who are choosing to participate in this enriched form of post-secondary education.

Co-op Photo Contest 2020 - David Liira

Bachelor of Sport & Fitness Leadership co-op student David Liira assess a client during a work placement.

In his own words

In a world that feels like a bad movie right now, Co-operative Education has given me the tools to nurture and empower.

Whether it's assisting individuals with a frozen shoulder or multiple sclerosis, I'm fostering a culture of health and wellness every day as a Personal Trainer at Backfit Clinic.

- David Liira, Bachelor of Sport & Fitness Leadership Student

What is a co-op or internship work term?

Co-op or Internship work terms will give you the opportunity to alternate between full-time studies and full-time paid work, better preparing you to embark on your career after graduation.

Co-operative education is an educational-based strategy, not a job placement strategy. Credited work terms promote continuous learning through the integration of classroom and applied work-based learning. It is a learner-centred model that empowers you, the student, to direct your own learning and to make a valuable contribution in the workplace.

Your learning will be guided and supported by the employer and the institution with a faculty member from your program assigned to coach, monitor, and evaluate your work term development.

Note that the scheduling and criteria for internships may differ, and the work experience can include voluntary and unpaid work.

Earn a designation on your graduation credential

You may earn either the "Co-operative Education" or the "Internship" designation on your graduation credential, depending on your program of study and the details of your work experience.

For complete details on requirements for the Co-op and Internship designations, contact us.

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