Transfer Credit

If you have already completed courses at other recognized post-secondary institutions, you may be eligible for transfer credit toward courses at ̽.

BC Transfer Guide

The course-to-course search allows you to see how individual courses transfer to each other.

For instructions on using the Course-to-Course search tool, take the guided tour on theɱٱ.

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Before you submit a transfer credit request

  1. Read this page in full.
  2. Read the for more details about transferring credits to Camosun.
  3. Collect coursefor all coursesnotlisted in the.
    • Save each course outline/syllabus as a separate PDF document; do not combine multiple courses into one document.
    • Date and course codes on course outline/syllabus must match the academic year and term on transcript(s). Course descriptions are not accepted.
    • Course outlines/syllabi not written in English must have certified English translations attached to original documents. Please follow the recommendations provided by().
    • If you are unable to obtain course outlines/syllabi, you have the option to receive credit through a.
  4. Prepare to makea non-refundablepayment by credit card only:
    • $50 per transcript within BC, including Athabasca and Yukon Universities, College Board (Advanced Placement) and International Baccalaureate (IB)
    • $80 per transcript outside of BC, but within Canada
    • $100 per transcript outside of Canada


  • Unpaid requests will be cancelled after 3 weeks.
  • Requests lacking supporting documents will be cancelled after 6 months.
  • Transfer credit evaluations will not be completed if you have overdue tuition or student fees.
  • All transcripts and other documents filed in support of your transfer credit request become the property of ̽ and will not be returned unless they are deemed irreplaceable.
  • All enrolled courses are subject to the withdrawal and refund policies for each semester regardless of pending transfer credit.
  • Coursework completed 10 or more years prior is not automatically awarded transfer credit. Currency of the subject matter is considered, and decisions will be processed on an individual basis.
  • Transfer credits are not included in the calculation of your Camosun GPA.

Complete a transfer credit request

  1. Order Official transcript(s)* from sending institution(s)
  • Official transcripts from recognized institutions** must be sent directly to ̽ from the sending institution(s) you attend(ed). Refer to sending institution for instructions on ordering Official transcripts.
    Mail from institution to:Email from institution to:
    Attn: Student Records – Transfer Credit
    3100 Foul Bay Rd
    Victoria BC V8P 5J2

    Note: Only courses with final grades can be assessed for transfer credit.

  • Students who have completed Advanced Placement or IB courses must have their official transcript submitted by the or the directly to ̽.
  • Certified English translations must accompany the original documents if your transcript(s) are not written in English. Please follow the recommendations provided by)
  • A comprehensivemay be required. This can take up to an additional 8 weeks, for processing and does not guarantee transferability of courses.

    *Official Transcript: official version of a student’s academic record, bearing the seal of the institution and signed by the Registrar. To be considered official by ̽, a transcript must arrive in the original and sealed envelope from the sending institution, or emailed directly from the sending institution totcrequest@camosun.ca

    **Recognized institution:An institution, authorized by the recognized government authority for university- or college-level higher education in that jurisdiction to be able to award credentials, including Certificates, Diplomas, Associate and Bachelor Degrees, that could be considered equivalent to a Canadian credential.

  1. Submit the request form
  • If you have more than the allowable number of PDF files to attach, please submit a second form with the remaining documents.
  • If applicable, complete a new form for each additional institution.

Note:If you do nothave a Camosun Student ID, contact transfercredit@camosun.ca

  1. Pay for transfer credit evaluation
  • Within 5 business days, you will receive payment instructions to the email address on your student file.
  • Provide payment (non-refundable) via .
  • Verify payment and view receipt:
    • Go to ‘Student Finance’.
    • Go to ‘Total Account Balance’ then ‘Other’.
    • ‘Expand all’ to view ‘Payments’ then ‘Receipt Number’.
    • If you do not see a receipt under ‘Payments’, your payment has not been received. Please try making payment again.
  1. Processing times
    Processing time can extendup to 10 weeks from the date of receiving all necessary documents and payment. Please note that we are unable to expedite requests. In cases involving complex assessments that require consultation with other departments, the processing time may be significantly longer. Find below the list ofrequired documents that must be submitted along with the payment:
    • Transfer Credit Request form(s)
    • Course(if applicable)
    • Official transcript(s)
    • Non-refundable payment
    • English translation (if applicable)
    • Comprehensive Educational Credential Assessment – ECA (if applicable)

View evaluation results

You will receive an email notification once your evaluation is complete. To view your ‘Transfer Summary’, log in to and select ‘Academics’.

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Please send all documentation totcrequest@camosun.ca.